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Dialysis in North Bengal And Surrounding Districts - March 3, 2022

Dialysis is a process by which waste products from our body which is usually cleared by the kidneys are removed by either an extra corporeal purification method (haemodialysis) or by using our own body's peritoneal membrane (peritioneal or water dilaysis).

Patients who land up in end stage renal disease are the ones who usually need dialysis. End stage renal disease is a consequence of long standing chronic kidney disease. CKD or chronic kidney disease is commonly caused by long standing uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension , cystic kidney diseases , autoimmune kidney diseases etc.
Dialysis as a treatment has proved to be a boon for chronic kidney disease patients as these patients can live a socially meaningful life with maintenance dialysis treatment. With good quality dialysis patients of end
stage renal disease have even survived for more than 25 years on dialysis with average life expectancy on dialysis being 8-10 yrs. Earlier dialysis was not available easily in our country but with more and more technological advancement and development, availability of dialysis has increased considerably and cost of treatment has also gone down.

North Bengal and Sikkim along with the neighbouring districts of Assam and Bihar have a very high burden of chronic kidney disease patients , this has been partly attributed to a higher incidence of chronic interstitial nephritis in this region due to certain chemicals present in the drinking water. The demand for dialysis is very high and there has been a rampant mushrooming of dialysis centers across this region but the quality provided remains poor in most centers.
It shall be our endeavour to diagnose chronic kidney disease at an early stage so that progression to end stage renal disease can be avoided, and if someone is unfortunate to land up in end stage renal disease, high qulaity dialysis should be made available at an affordable price so that such patients can have a good quality of life.

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